Our market research is developed from a strong collaborative network of business partners. Together we ensure our clients receive the highest quality data and research.


Our versatile team of consultants have robust theoretical and practical  underpinnings in diverse business sectors. This can be selectively combined with your existing services to assure project success.


Mission: Stage 1

The aim of our first stage is to evidence all agreements no matter how small. This encourages transparency, accountability and for facts to be verifiable. This is the first stage of building a dependable business relationship based on trust earned.              

Vision: Stage 2

In our second stage, our goal is to gain your respect. We do this by leaving little room for misunderstanding. We find that ambiguity (grey areas) can be navigated only through methodical clarity. Our guiding tools are integrity and fairness, which enhances your reputation and ours.

Values: Stage 3

Our third and final stage prioritises the evolution of our business relationship. This is achieved through successful completion of agreements, with no bitter aftertaste. A non-sharp practise approach is evidence of our commitment to a long term business relationship with our clients.

Don't "just" Try     Instead DO






At TOKOSICOM we inspire the transmutation of challenges into actionable outcomes. We consider this a key requirement of success. As your business partner we utilise our broad range of capabilities to ensure you reach the next level at speed and with certainty.

Don’t "just" Change   →   Transform


Small incremental change can only suffice for a while.   At TOKOSICOM we are accustomed to harnessing innovation to tackle the most complex of challenges.  Most importantly we accelerate your evolution. Our goal is to facilitate the bold moves and the tough decisions needed to transform your business.

Don’t "just" Talk    →   Engage Proactively       & Intelligently


We engage your customers respectfully and intelligently, with the awareness of diverse cultural and communication styles. We develop comprehensive and robust stakeholder profiles, which contribute to everything from Tender applications to Business proposals and Marketing plans. At TOKOSICOM our preparation is thorough. We pride ourselves in our ability to enhance your brand value and reputation, enabling you to conclude negotiations successfully.