At TOKOSICOM, innovation emanates from a deep reservoir of 150 years of team expertise within the oil and gas realm, channelled through high-calibre, industry-endorsed Process Simulations and Techniques.                                                                       Our dual partnered Process Technologies, having secured registration with the USA Patent Office, now bear esteemed patents within the international arena. These technologies are instrumental in streamlining                                                                         traditional petrochemical processes, significantly enhancing efficiency and minimising waste in existing refineries.

                                   This catalyses a seamless transition towards natural gas technologies, marking strides towards a greener, more sustainable world. The essence of our innovation not only reflects a profound technical acumen but                                                                     also a visionary stride towards environmental stewardship, embodying a future-focused, sustainable ethos in sync with the evolving global energy landscape.


                                   CONSULTANCY SERVICE

Our petrochemical partnerships are a key element of our inorganic growth strategy. This has contributed to our success in the comercialisation of exclusive patented petrochemical technologies. The result of our projects have been improved competitiveness and millions of US dollars in savings. Our experience ranges from Process Engineering to Asset Management support, in both operational and consulting environments. Whether you need a skilled consultant, onsite technology support or permanent on-site resource. TOKOSICOM can provide support from our talented pool of pre-sales consultants and deployable engineers.

TOKOSICOM has been responsible for the commercialisation of cutting edge NGL recovery patents and platform of services, centred on managing national assets and ensuring the life extension and sustainability of natural resources.

Our confidence is built on the experience of our Petrochem team, which consists of veteran industry process engineers originaly trained by our conglomerate competitors. This enables us to rival multi-national companies whilst providing agile bespoke servces such as Petroleum Engineering Interpretation, Flow Assurance and Developmental support, with comparable experience in Downstream projects.

                         TECHNOLOGY & INFRASTRUCTURE

The pace of technological advancement is creating unpredictable shifts in the petrochemical, pharmaceutical and agricultural industries. TOKOSICOM and Partners network have acquired decades of experience assisting NGO's and Private companies. The technology services offered to our customers is a hybrid blend of specialist skills, talent and capability including the design, implementation and support of technology solutions. 

This has included our self-contained NGL Extraction Units (NEU) designed to recover valuable hydrocarbon liquids. Our NEU's are available with upgradeable extensions which contain patented technologies and complementary training services for local personnel. This ensures the long term success of our projects.

TOKOSICOM and partners experience includes collectively delivering successful projects in some of the toughest environments in the world. This has covered capital intensive assets consisting of oil and gas production Pipelines / Plants,  Chemical / Food Processing Plants and Medical / Pharmaceutical Plants.


Market & Competitive Intelligence

TOKOSICOM marketing and analysis service, assists clients in integrating competitive intelligence coupled with strategic process planning. We offer insights into market trends and current expenditure which enables you to make better informed decisions. 

Innovation & Technology Management

Businesses today face increasing demands for innovation and the full realisation of their product's market potential. Such developments incur greater costs as technology advancement requires a well thought out strategic system, which by it's nature is very complex. 

TOKOSICOM consultants can help make the necessary improvements that bridge the gap between product optimisation and market penetration.

Market research solutions

Our Market Research is developed from a strong collaborative network. Together we ensure that our clients receive the highest quality research, as efficiently as possible. Additionally our combined service solutions are imbued with knowledge, expertise and the flexibility to meet organisational needs. The TOKOSICOM experience provides better performance, fewer issues and minimal downtime. Our solutions help detect problems early thus preventing escalations, costly repairs, and downtime.  

Manufacturing & Supply Chain Analysis

TOKOSICOM is a diversified company, which provides vital products and services to clients across different sectors.

Our Manufacturing & Supply Chain provide a trusted consultancy service, guiding clients through innovation or technology challenges. We play an active role in local West African industry and our clients benefit from our expert knowledge and network.  

Consultancy Solutions

As a consultancy our solutions include  Petroleum Engineering Interpretation, Flow Assurance and Developmental support, with comparable experience in Downstream projects.

Our petrochemical confidence is built on the experience of our Petrochem team, which consist of veteran Industry Process Engineers originaly trained by our conglomerate competitors. This enables us to rival our conglomerate competitors whilst being agile.



E - Solutions

Our e - Procurement solutions are simple and intuitive, saving you time and money through continual process improvements. This can range from purchasing to payment across all aspects of critical margin control.

e-BPO is our revolutionary service, paperless in its application and designed to meet the growing needs of our clients wherever they are located in the world. We help deliver business outcomes through combining on-the-go updates with continuous improvement systems.