TOKOSICOM & Partners Agricultural team (TPAg) are a cross-company project team that have been delivering projects since 1980. We have gained comprehensive industry experience and knowledge through collectively delivering successful projects in San Joaquin Valley and Western Canada. We have also successfully implemented state of the art monitoring devices and systems in South East Asia. One of our key strenghts is being partly located in Silicon Valley USA, this has resulted in access to cutting edge technology and university research networks, enabling us to specialise in the needs of developing countries.


TPAg services specialise in drafting compelling business plans, capacity building, sourcing strategic partners and negotiating with key vendors. We have the proven acumen of attracting international co-operation having served as a catalyst and facilitator for foreign investments. Our team have worked closely with governments  and multinational companies, assisting in the launch of new agricultural technologies on a global scale. This has ranged from 'Genome' technology to increase yields of local crops to 'IT and Intelligent Data and Monitoring Systems' used to regulate soil and environmental conditions.


African Market Research Solutions

Our African market research is developed from a strong collaborative network of registered business partners. Together we ensure our clients receive the highest quality research and analysis, as effectively and efficiently as possible. Additionally our combined service solutions are imbued with knowledge expertise and flexibility, to best meet our client's organisational needs. TOKOSICOM’s vantage point has enabled specialism in the rapidly growing and increasingly competitive industries in West Africa.

TOKOSICOM provides break-through technologies for the following areas:


             1. Use of genome technology to 

                 increase yield of local produce for  

                 multiple seed generations.

             2. Technology to reduce water 

                 consumption (monitoring & 

                 feedback systems).

             3. Technology to predict best times to

                  water and fertilize to get maximum 


             4. latest crop technology (seeds,

                 plants) that thrives best in local