Medical technology is advancing at an incredible rate, with better suited technologies being made available  to developing countries.    

The advantages are ready access and speed. This is a seismic shift to less reliance on large infrastructure investment. 


TOKOSICOM and Partners have been actively involved in the medical industry since 1970 and are a premier provider of medical, surgical and radiology equipment for Hospitals and Outpatient Clinics. We work closely to meet our client needs within budget by providing complete logistical support “turnkey” services. Our project assurance measures include training of local personnel and making equipment acquisitions as seamless as possible.



TOKOSICOM and Partners have successfully catered to clients across Europe, South East Asia, South America and Africa.  We are a one-stop provider of Dosage formulations, API's (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients), Surgical dressing & disposables, Hospital equipment furniture and allied products.

At TOKOSICOM our acquired intelligence enables us to asses market mobility and analytics, which result in providing our clients with better healthcare experiences, business models and opportunities. We create further value by combining the reach of our network with our in-house capabilities, to design bespoke products and services.

TOKOSICOM provides break-through technologies in:


1.     Cervical Cancer and HPV Screening (low cost, quick, without expensive 

        laboratory setup)

2.     Quick Analysis and identification of  

        bacterial and other infections like  


3.     Point of Care Testing (POCT) for blood

        gases, blood analytics etc

4.     Remote monitoring of patients