At TOKOSICOM a single late or incorrect order can have fatal consequences and a lasting negative impact on the lifetime value of our clients. Our e-Solution teams are passionate about helping clients achieve optimal results in less time and at lower costs. We tie the entire supply chain together, by making carefully planned and strategic real-time decisions. This facilitates a responsive and more productive relationship with minimal disruption to client operations.


As client expectations continue to rise TOKOSICOM incorporates systems of best practice, this ensures items are shipped out on time and warehouse orders continue to run smoothly. The ethos of our e-Solution teams are to go beyond customer service excellence, to ensuring our clients succesfully meet their productivity targets and strategic goals.



Our consultants have a thorough understanding of the impact cutting edge technology has on business models, and uses this to unlock actionable insights and set SMART targets. At TOKOSICOM we deliver our Programmes, Projects and Initiatives, using our eBPO system together with cross-servicerow functionality and technical expertise. We confidently chart and improve Policy, Protocols, and Processes that consume our clients core business activity. This frees capacity to accelerate innovation and the speed of market penetration.

e - BPO 

"e-BPO" is TOKOSICOM’s revolutionary service, paperless in its application and designed to meet the growing needs of our clients wherever they are located in the world. We help deliver business outcomes through the combination of on-the-go updates and continuous improvement through our elective P3 service. For more information on our P3 service please visit our operational services page.

e - Procurement

Our e - Procurement solutions are simple and intuitive, saving you time and money, from purchasing to payment and across all aspects of critical margin control. At TOKOSICOM we develop bespoke procurement options to suit any type of business.

We have streamlined the workload associated with Cocoa procurement to thousands of Pharmaceuticals transactions.

Together with our e - BPO service, we provide flexible and highly customisable options, enabling our clients to easily adapt to unique needs and circumstances. We maximise efficiency and cost-effectiveness throughout the buying process and ensure our client's purchasing arrangements are the best possible, securing the safest supply chain.

Market influence

At TOKOSICOM we have a long-standing history of writing Marketing and Business plans, we have also written successful Bids and Tender applications. Our in-depth knowledge of client operations has made us the company of choice in drafting corporate presentations on exisiting projects. Our market intelligence stems from a large network of academic and skilled technology teams that have intimate knowledge of our conglomerate competitors, enabling us to provide strategic positioning and competitor analysis as well as value for money.